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“Without realizing it, we all do
“Recommendation-Marketing”every day. Yet, we do not get more money for our efforts."

Recommendation-Marketing can only be successful if the recommendations are for excellent quality products.

Jean Paul Getty ...
"Do you want to earn a lot of money, to be
independent and free?
If this is the case, you need only three factors:
  1. You must have your own business,
2. You must have excellent products to sell,
3. Your business must be suitable for multiplication.”

J. Paul Getty’s statements are also the basis for successful Recommendation-Marketing

What kind of people are doing Recommendation-Marketing?
All kinds of people. They have many jobs and professions. For examples, they are:
Currently working employees - doctors - workers - people looking for work - banker - florists - designers - businessmen- and women - commercial agents - housewives - masseurs - teachers - engineers - nurses - policemen - psychologists - lawyers - pensioners - mothers and fathers - referees - joiners and carpenters – independent business people - tax experts - students - taxi-drivers - sellers - publicity-experts - dentists – computer specialists - and especially, owner of firms.

All of these people have the need to make more money, have more free time, have a better quality of life, and to have a secure, well financed retirement pension.

"The vision of prosperity and independence is the motivation for business-men/women to begin Network-Marketing".
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